How to Find the Best Used INFINITI For Sale

September 25th, 2021 by

Are you hunting for a used INFINITI for sale in Louisiana? While purchasing a used car can save you money on the front end of your purchase, you may be hit with costly expenses after driving your vehicle off the lot. This is why it’s essential to thoroughly inspect the used car before your purchase and trust the dealer you are buying from. Here are four tips for finding high-quality cars, like our selection of pre-owned vehicles at INFINITI of Baton Rouge!

1. Thoroughly Inspect the Interior and Exterior

While the phrase “What you see is what you get” is not one-hundred percent accurate when buying a used INFINITI, it definitely comes into play in the inspection process. One of the first steps you can take when hunting for a used car is to check for surface-level issues. Take time to inspect the interior and exterior surfaces. Do you see deep scratches, dents, or rust spots? What about stains, tears, or odors in the interior fabric or wearing on the gas and brake pedals? While these factors can be repaired, you should be aware of what expenses will be waiting for you after purchasing your vehicle.

2. Check the Quality of the Tires

The quality of your tires is an essential element to check when searching for a used INFINITI for sale. Taking note of the wear on the tire tread can help to indicate if there are underlying issues with the vehicle. This may include problems with the suspension or steering. Don’t forget to check for cracks, bulges, or scuffing on the sidewall, too. Your tires should be worn evenly, all be the same brand, and be the dimensions recommended by your manufacturer. Also, cross-examine the mileage of your car with your tires. If under 12,500 miles, it is likely that the vehicle should have the original tires it came with.

3. Notice the Current Mileage

Determine if the used vehicle you are viewing has high or low mileage by dividing its total miles by its age. High mileage can sometimes come with wear and tear on the vehicle. On the other hand, finding a used car with low used mileage isn’t always a good thing. This depends on how old the car is. A car without regular use can take on damage just like a roughly handled car can. Parts can dry out and break more easily from inconsistent usage. If you find an older car with low mileage, err on the side of caution.

4. Take the Car for a Test Drive 

Driving a used car is a fantastic way to get a feel for its quality. This allows you to check how it accelerates, brakes, and maneuvers. It is also a great way to notice any indication of suspension issues. If you hear clunking noises during your test drive, especially when you go over bumps or make turns, the vehicle may have suspension or directional problems that require repair. While inside the car, make sure to check the lights, sound system, and air-conditioning system to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

Find High Quality Used INFINITI Cars for Sale in Louisiana

If you are looking to buy a used car from a source you can trust, visit INFINITI of Baton Rouge. We have a wide variety of used INFINITI cars for sale at our Louisiana dealership! Our pre-owned vehicles are available with CARFAX Vehicle History Reports. We are transparent about the quality and history of our used vehicles so that you can leave our dealership satisfied. View our pre-owned vehicles online! Call us today at 866-415-2589 or send us a message with any questions. And when you’re ready for a test drive, stop by our dealership to view our available models in person.

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