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If your budget does not allow you to buy a brand new vehicle, a used car is a fantastic alternative. These come at a lower cost which can also mean smaller loans and quicker overall payoff. However, used cars come with many unknowns that can ultimately turn into risks for you as the buyer. This is why you should choose certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles from a dealership you trust! Cut out the risks with professionally inspected and manufacturer-warrantied cars. If you are in the market for a certified pre-owned car, make sure to visit INFINITI of Baton Rouge.

The Importance of a “Certified” Vehicle

If you have decided to take the used car route when buying a new vehicle, it is important to know the risks before making your purchase. While these cars are less expensive, it can be difficult to know the true condition of the car. Did the previous owner treat it gently and keep up with general maintenance? How can you be sure that you aren’t buying a lemon? Buying a used car from a private dealer adds even more worries to the mix as these typically do not include warranties or service programs. Eliminate the ambiguity by shopping for certified pre-owned cars from INFINITI instead! 

Think of certified pre-owned vehicles as the top tier of quality when it comes to used cars. They have been inspected to help prevent the risks that typically come with buying a used car. CPOs can be more expensive than used cars, but your pre-owned vehicle will come with a manufacturer warranty, updates or repairs, and a thorough inspection from a factory-trained professional. This inspection involves a detailed dive into the inner workings of the car to determine that your car has a clean history. Emissions, operation, brakes, and transmission are among the items checked. Cars that have been totaled before or show signs of damage are unlikely to be offered as a CPO, for instance. The price of a CPO ensures your new-to-you vehicle is fit for the road. 

At INFINITI Baton Rouge, we make sure that each certified pre-owned car passes our comprehensive 167 point inspection. We offer a 6-year Limited Warranty with unlimited miles and a $0 deductible. In addition, our vehicles come with a complimentary first-year basic maintenance plan. Find recent models like our 2019 INFINITI QX50 ESSENTIAL or our 2017 INFINITI Q70 3.7.  

Shop Our Certified Pre-Owned Cars At INFINITI

Let INFINITI Baton Rouge help you find your perfect certified pre-owned car! We take the necessary time and care to inspect each of our pre-owned certified cars to make sure that they are ready for Louisiana roads. Browse our available CPOs, available in 2017 models to 2020 models. We want you to love your purchase and receive satisfactory service. That’s why each of our CPOs comes with a Limited Warranty and is eligible for our Comprehensive Warranty. Message us on our website or call us today at (225) 425-8030 with any questions. We look forward to answering any questions you have or setting up a test drive. 

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