Where Did INFINITI Begin?

April 22nd, 2021 by

You know the INFINITI brand is one you can trust, and for good reason. Although you may wonder—how did INFINITI originate? And why does INFINITI specialize in luxury vehicles? Where does the name INFINITI come from? All of these are important questions! Discover more and see how INFINITI of Baton Rouge is more than just your typical new and used car dealership.

Where INFINITI Began

Like many other car brands, INFINITI originated in Japan! But its start was out of the ordinary. 

In 1985, an elite group of professionals formed quietly within a world-renowned car brand. Want to take a guess of who it was? It was Nissan! These pros came together with one goal in mind: create a division of luxury vehicles that would challenge the existing American and European luxury brands.

INFINITI’s advertising from the start was out of the ordinary as well for the time. INFINITI’s first commercial actually had no cars in it at all. The commercial itself had a serene voice with soft birds in the background as the viewer watched calm waters. This commercial was made with the intention of sending the message that INFINITI is different. INFINITI isn’t made with aggression or force. INFINITI is the calming drive you need. 

From there, the first INFINITI cars were the Q45 and the M30. The M30 was made with existing interests in mind, but it was the Q45 that really caught people’s eyes! Contrasting with cars of the time, the Q45 was made without chrome and wood. But other luxury brands couldn’t get enough of the stuff. 

But what truly set the brand apart was the INFINITI Total Ownership Experience. This was proof that INFINITI puts customers first. And as time went on, INFINITI only honed in on this experience and the quality of its cars. 

And Who INFINITI Became

Today, the INFINITI Total Ownership Experience is still leading the way when it comes to customer satisfaction. With services such as roadside assistance, complementary INFINITI Courtesy Vehicle services, customer incentives, and more, you know that INFINITI puts your needs first. 

But that isn’t the only way INFINITI has improved. Today INFINITI of Baton Rouge is the new and used car dealership that everybody loves with stylish luxury cars that only continue to improve with time. For example, the INFINITI brand is continuing to move into electric with newer vehicles being either hybrid or electric to show that we care about what our customers need and about the planet. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find used cars that run on gasoline if that’s more your speed. If you’re interested in knowing more about our cars or finding out more about INFINITI or INFINITI of Baton Rouge, give us a call.

The New and Used Car Dealership Baton Rouge Trusts

No matter if you’re looking for a new or used car, our dealership in Baton Rouge is the choice for you! Now that you know that INFINITI was made to break the standard and to put customers first, it’s time to explore our impressive stock. If you have any questions about how our dealership works or what we can do for you, give us a call at (225) 435-8030. We’re more than happy to help.

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