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Finding the right type of vehicle for you can make or break your day-to-day life. So you need a car that can keep up with your lifestyle and matches your personality. Why not a Crossover? Crossovers are a versatile option people with less car knowledge may not be aware of. And when you shop with INFINITI, you have the best choices available to you when it comes to crossovers. If you are looking for a new car in Louisiana, learn why you should consider an INFINITI Crossover with INFINITI of Baton Rouge. 

What is a Crossover? 

If you were to see the words truck or minivan, you’d probably be able to picture it in your head clearly. But can the same be said for a crossover? A crossover vehicle is a sport utility vehicle and lighter than a traditional SUV. The biggest difference between an SUV and a crossover is the frame. SUV vehicles are on a truck’s platform while crossovers are on a car’s frame. This means crossovers are unibody frames.

Crossover vehicles are wildly popular because of their versatility and cargo space made possible by the unibody. Families and commuters typically adore their crossovers. The lighter frame achieves better gas efficiency. Generally, unibody vehicles are safer because of their built-in crumple zones. For drivers often in the car or with children passengers, safety is a paramount concern. Thankfully, INFINITI has some of the best crossover vehicles on the luxury market. 

The INFINITI Crossovers You Can Buy In Louisiana

The INFINITI crossover range may be smaller than competitor brands, but buyers would be sorry if they overlooked it. Any of the INFINITI Crossover vehicles are ready for whatever your busy life throws at it. The 2022 INFINITI QX60 and QX55 are the newest additions to the INFINITI crossover range. Both crossover models bring a top-of-the-line experience to drivers. INFINITI of Baton Rouge can help you find your perfect crossover. 

The QX55:

The QX55 is the highly awaited return to the coupe segment and is full of innovative features. While INFINITI doesn’t have time machines, the driver-assist technologies and predictive safety features make drivers feel like they are in the future. In fact, the experts at INFINITI actually claim the QX55 is, “so visionary, it’s practically clairvoyant.” INFINITI is known for its high-end stylish designs that will never fail to impress both driver and passenger. The singular asymmetrical cabin design of the QX55 doesn’t compromise style for comfort either. 

The QX60:

While designing the QX60, INFINITI looked back at its Japanese roots. The QX60 drew inspiration from the Japanese concept of ‘Ma.’ By embracing the space between its lines and curves, a stunning minimalist style is achieved. INFINITI balances style and practicality gracefully without sacrificing one for the other. This vehicle helps you stay connected with innovative technology. Wireless Apple CarPlay connects you with your messages, music, calls, and maps. There are even seven charging ports and Wi-Fi Hotspot connectivity through INFINITI InTouch. Similar remarkably innovative features are endless, but the Navigation stands out in particular because of the 3D building graphics and seamless turn-by-turn directions. Altogether, the QX60 is a luxurious crossover designed for satisfaction. 

Interested in INFINITI Crossovers In Louisiana? 

If you are interested in INFINITI crossovers, INFINITI of Baton Rouge can help you find the perfect new or used model for your lifestyle. Our priority lies with the long-term satisfaction of our customers. Because of this, INFINITI of Baton Rouge has been recognized with a Circle Of Excellence award. They give this award to fewer than one in five retailers, and we are proud to be considered among the best of the best. If you would like to schedule a test drive or think of questions, it would overjoy our team to assist you. Contact us by calling 866-417-1251, or sending us a message online. You deserve to experience the luxury only an INFINITI crossover can provide. 

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